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Crossfit Coaches


Thorny is a vital member of the Crossfit Huntsman team. He has experience of training middle to long distance running which was gained during his time at University where he was appointed Head Coach and later awarded full University Athletics colours for his commitment to the role.

Along with Saffron, Thorny coaches the Barbell Engineering sessions designed to bridge the gap between Olympic weightlifting & CrossFit and help build confidence working with the barbell!


British Weightlifting Level 1
Certification in running leadership
Full University Colours
Ironman Finisher

Coach Quote:

“What interests me most is the new emerging breed of athlete who can excel simultaneously in both strength and endurance sports. The desire to be this ‘hybrid athlete’ was what attracted me to Crossfit and coaching.”

Thorny enjoys teaching members something new. As adults, we tend to avoid learning new skills and opt to stay in our comfort zone. “Helping a member achieve their first rope-climb, pull-up, snatch or handstand push up is not only the best thing about coaching but the best thing about CrossFit.”

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