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Crossfit Coaches


Michelle has been a PT for 7 years working with individuals and within a group environment. She joined Huntsman in 2018 with her own personal goals. After 2 years, we approached Michelle to see whether she wanted to be part of our expanding team. Her calm, friendly, hands on coaching style is respected well amongst the members. She shows a true willingness to learn and expand her own knowledge base to pass onto our members within class. An absolute pleasure to coach alongside.


Level 3 Personal Trainer
CrossFit level 1
Certificate in CrossFit Weight Lifting

Coach Quote:

“CrossFit Coaching, to me, is not just a job it’s a part of who I am as a person. It’s one of the most fulfilling areas of my life as I have the privilege of being able to help people improve their lives in ways they didn’t think possible. Being able to teach, coach, improve and learn from such a variety of different people on a daily basis is so rewarding. Fitness & health go hand in hand and functional fitness should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle – CrossFit provides such an inclusive programme that anyone can do it and no one should be missing out!”

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