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Crossfit Coaches


Becky moved to Hertford from Somerset and she knew from previously being a member at a local box, a great way to make new friends would be to join a local CrossFit box in her new location. Her day job sees her teaching PE at a local secondary school and she has been coaching CrossFit (PE for adults) for many years.


CrossFit Level 2
BSc Sport and Exercise Science

Coach Quote:

“I have been doing Crossfit for over 6 years and what I love about It is the constant variety and challenges it brings. When coaching, it is awesome to see people challenging every aspect of fitness and turning what were once weaknesses, into strengths. My favourite aspect to coach is Olympic weightlifting. I love how the tiniest change in a movement pattern can have the biggest impact on someone’s lift. However, the best thing about CrossFit, (as cliche as it may sound) is the community. As a coach it is not the day-to-day classes, but getting to know individuals as more than just ‘another member’ and watching them progress throughout their personal journey within their CrossFit family.

There aren’t many weekends in my life which have not been filled with playing sports, mainly running around an astroturf holding a stick. After University, I moved to the Canadian Rockies to complete a ski season (which turned into 2 ski seasons and 3 summers mountain biking). It was here that I missed training for a purpose and the social aspect of playing team sports. When a friend introduced me to a local CrossFit box, I immediately fell in love, and have never looked back. Who knew that my natural ability to walk on my hands would become useful! I have become increasingly passionate about the sport and I count down the minutes to when I can get into the box and see what my body is capable of.

Aside from CrossFit, I am totally obsessed with animals- mainly dogs. So I am sorry if you bring in your furry friend and I am more interested in it than you!”


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