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At CrossFit Huntsman, our amazing staff will push your fitness to new heights. Don’t believe us? Read what real members from our community have to say. Discover how our training has transformed their bodies and lives. Still intrigued? Then check out some more 5* testimonials on our google reviews!


  • Westley Robinson

    Without a doubt, this is the best gym I have ever been a member of. I would happily recommend it to anyone whether you are a regular gym goer or a complete novice. The beauty of CrossFit is that all the workouts are scalable so you can work out with everyone without feeling intimidated. Plus, you can feed off the energy of the whole class. Chris, and Rob are great and will teach you everything you need to know. All you need to do is turn up!

  • Jamie Bond

    If you are bored of the gym, lack motivation, sick of posers in front of the mirror and people in your way, CrossFit is what you need! I joined in September, did the Foundations course, and loved it. It’s nothing like a normal gym, it’s 100% more fun and you work 100% harder. The trainers are helpful, approachable, friendly, and so are the other members. I wish I’d tried it years ago, I will never go to a normal gym again!

  • Pauline Stelmach

    CrossFit Huntsman is an amazing place to start “your new self”. I joined because I’d been curious about what CrossFit actually is and now it seems that I can’t stop! The people here are truly motivating. Every exercise you perform is thoroughly explained. If you follow the instructions, you will excel. I cannot express how helpful and welcoming these guys are. This is a place for everyone, regardless of the level of one’s fitness. Thanks Chris and Rob! You guys are doing a great job.

  • Kylie Bolton

    Where do I start?
    I joined Crossfit Hunstman back in February this year and I’ve never looked back – I’m literally living me best life!

    I’ve made so many beautiful friends and have been a part of the community ever since which is powerful! Crossfit Huntsman is gifted with Trainers that push you past your limit, they believe in you, they help you grow and develop alongside all your team members that workout alongside you!
    In the past 4 months I’ve gained ridiculous amounts of strength achieving so many things.. I can climb a rope to the top, I can Hang Power Clean with speed, I completed Murph in 38 minutes.. The list is endless!

    This is my happy place and always will be. Thank you to all at Crossfit Huntsman you truly are incredible!
  • Ross Payne

    Joined three weeks ago, haven’t looked back. This place is so good, the staff are excellent and the vibe is amazing. From the moment I enquired to my latest session, everything has been spot on – sign up, induction and on boarding processes are great – each class is well structured and well lead. Everyone who goes is really friendly, happy to help and overall it makes you feel really welcome. Will recommend to friends and family for sure.

  • Jemma Winborn

    I’ve been a member now at CrossFit Huntsman since April 2018. It’s by far and away the best gym experience I’ve ever had. In my opinion if you’re still a member of a “regular” gym in the Hertfordshire area then you haven’t stepped inside this box yet!

    The coaches are second to none, the facilities and equipment are top notch and regularly updated, the programming and availability of classes are spot on and above all the members are simply The Best. If you’d have told me a couple of years ago I’d be high fiving people at the end of a gym class, I’d have thought you were mad. But the positive vibes at Huntsman make things like this feel like the most natural thing in the world to do.

    Everyone is welcome. Everyone is equal. All workouts are scalable and therefore accessible to all. 100% recommend. It’s my happy place.v


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