Whats On!


This year has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. We haven’t trained as much as we all would have liked to, in the surroundings that we find the most enjoyable among one another. Same probably will go for the CossFit Open 2021, it probably won’t be what we all had in mind (crowds at the box cheering one another on, an electric atmosphere and fist bumps/high fives flying around everywhere) with it 99% likely to be at home. There is still that glimmer of hope that it may be at the boxes but we have to prepare for both scenarios.

The open to us is such a huge event, last year we came 3rd in the UK for the most people signed up from Huntsman and from what we remember it was 19th in the world! The community vibe is unbeatable throughout the weeks of the open and the support everyone shows one another is amazing to witness. We really miss everyone and want to try and bring the community together as much as we can!

So here is our plan…

This year we would like to gift you all the open. That’s every single member, whether you’re new or and OG, South or North, equipment or none, membership on hold or not, we want to give everyone a focus and really bring the community together virtually over those 3 weeks in March.

We have lots of exciting competitions over the 3 weeks covering the open too, (mostly food and clothing orientated) but what else is there to do?!
(did someone say Stacked Brownies?)


Now, all you have to do is:

email us info@crossfithuntsman.com and we will get you a code to redeem at the checkout! It’s that simple!

Let’s test out fitness, have fun…and bring the community together vortually, supporting one another like we always have and always will!

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