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Switch off and relax, grab a drink, go for a walk, have half an hour or even an hour to yourself

You’ll be surprised how long you can run/walk if you have a decent podcast playing! Time will go very quickly!

They are also the perfect way to expand your knowledge, feel relaxed and just have a good belly laugh!!!

Now more than ever it’s good to put the headphones in and zone out with a good podcast. Life is uncertain and strange for many of us right now so finding time away to switch off from any stresses in life will help break up your day.

So at Huntsman we have created a podcast list, enabling you to save it down, work through them and hopefully learn something new and get that inner peace for a moment or two!

Please have a read below, created by the coaches, members and followers of Huntsman!

Thanks for your input guys!

P.s not everything is fitness but that’s what is great about the list!

* Not another fitness podcast

* Modern wisdom

* You’re wrong about

* The Bulldog gear podcast

* Jennie Falconer – run pod

* Free thinking – BBC Sounds

* High performance by jake Humphrey & Damien Hughes

* High performance podcast – Jonny Wilkinson

* Jo Rogan with Post malone

* Guy Raz (in particular the jo loves episode)

* Taskmaster (need to watch the TV show first)

* Louis Theroux

* Wemove

* Under the skin with Russell brand

* James Haskell – couples quarantine

* Ten percent happier – work on that mental health but more importantly understand a little more about you

* Reasons to be cheerful

* Ferne Cotton – happy place

* Roots, winds  and other things

* Gaslit nation

* Non prophet

* The high performance

* TED talks daily

* Barbell shrugged

* Weightlifting house

* The power of now – Eckhart atolls (audio book – listen 30 mins before bed)

* Parenting lockdown hell

* Luanna Podcast

* Off menu

* Out to lunch

* Real dictators

* PuresportCBD’s FB page – podcast with Ian Morgan

* Cryptoqueen

* Caliphate

* The receipts

* 99% invisible

* Cautionary tales

* All killa no fila

* the good the bad the rugby

* the group podcast (SEG)

* What a flanker (James Haskell)

* business movers

* Valuetainment

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