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Crossfit Coaches


Chris was one of our longest standing members before becoming a coach. He is extremely knowledgeable within the fitness realm and is always looking to widen his learning beyond the 4 walls of the box. He is an avid rugby fan and has coached youth rugby for nearly 15 years. He’s an absolute pleasure to have on the team and we look forward to supporting his exciting career at Huntsman.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Gym Instructor Level 2
Speed, Agility, Quickness Trainer
15 years as a rugby coach

Coach Quote:

“Coaching at Huntsman is both a privilege and incredibly rewarding. I not only get to hang with such an amazing group of people from all walks of life, but I also get to have a positive impact on those lives: to help people look better, feel better, perform better, live longer and have more fun! My main goal as a coach is to get people moving well — hinging, squatting, jumping, running, carrying, throwing, pushing, pulling really really well. The payback for them is huge. Quality of movement is always more important than getting the best time, the most reps or lifting the heaviest weight. I also want to help people find out what amazing things their bodies and minds are capable of, to help them become the best humans they can be, inside and outside the gym. And thirdly, as a coach in his fifties, who has been CrossFitting for nearly 15 years, I hope I can teach and inspire people to play the long-game — and by that, I really mean PLAY! CrossFit should be fun and playful, the best of games. I want our members to keep playing, and playing well until they drop.”

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