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Crossfit Coaches


Corey has been around fitness and sport since he can remember. Field and track were his go to throughout school alongside playing football for 13 years. He then found the gym…and hasn’t looked back  since. He currently runs his own PT business too!


CrossFit Level 1
Level 3 PT
Les Mills Grit

Coach Quote:

“Crossfit to me is a lifestyle change. I started in June 2017 and was instantly hooked. I got my buzz back…the workouts are fun challenging and no 2 days are the same. You see people push themselves and each other in such a way that you leave feeling huge achievement for yourself and your fellow workout buddies.

You won’t look back once you experience the community alongside the impact it has on you lifestyle long term. Yes hitting a new personal best feels awesome, however nothing compares to the relationships you build and the skills you learn.”

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