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Crossfit Coaches


Both Carlie and Corey McBride came tour as members. Having had years of fitness instructor experience under their belt, they wanted to take their training to the next level and learn and progress their learning. We knew straight away that they would fit perfectly into the Huntsman coaching team. With their passion and already vast knowledge base we were lucky enough to have them as out first interns on the ‘Huntsman Intern Programme.’ Since then, they have been growing and growing and facilitate classes alongside the main coaches. The future looks bright for both of them and they drive and passion for CrossFit is infectious.


CrossFit Level 1
Personal Training Level 1 & 2
Les Mills advanced grit coach
Les Mills CX work coach

Coach Quote:

“6 years ago, I decided to take my hobby and passion to another level so I begun my career as a personal trainer. Everyday I work with different clients, men and women of all ages and abilities, guiding them to live a healthier and more active life. I pride myself on my personal touch,helping individuals to get the best out of their training however big or small the goal.

I first joined Huntsman as a member. It not only pushed my own fitness to a different level, but my knowledge base grew and I became part of a bigger thing…the community! The community and the coaching team continue to grow together and its amazing to see! I love seeing people have the passion and drive that CrossFit gives and be there to help our members become stronger better versions than themselves”

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