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HUNTSMAN Member Of The Month

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Chris Webb


Chris has transitioned from the foundation classes and has worked hard at a lot of weaknesses and become very efficient at moving the barbell very well, he also makes a headband look good and for that reason he is our August member of the month and a prize is on its way tohim, well done and keep up the great work!



What Brought You To CrossFit Huntsman?


I was tired of going through the motions at your traditional globogym’s, doing “chest and tris” workouts. I realized I wasn’t actually fit at all and wanted to challenge myself to make a long term changefor the better


What’s Your Goal?


My goal at the moment would be to just keep improving. To be better than I was a week or three months ago. That’s quite general and I have a couple of more specific goals like being able to snatch bodyweight.


What’s Your Favorite Exercise?


Deadlifts! There is nothing more simple than picking up a heavy barbell from the floor or gripping it and ripping it as Rob would say.


What’s The Worst Exercise?


Overhead squats are always tough but I hate them in a WOD when your breathing heavy and it feels like you’ve got to use every muscle in your body to keep the bar overhead!


What’s Your Favorite type of WOD?


Definitely sprint WOD’s, something like Diane. You can just go all out and don’t have to worry about pacing yourself.


Number One Choice For Cheat Meal?


It has to be pizza. When I was trying to gain weight for rugby, once a week we would make a meal called “the pizza of gains”, it’s a pretty simple recipe. You take one 12 inch meat feast pizza, top it with as much mac and cheese as you can, chop up a chicken breast and throw it on top. I’ve never finished a whole one but if your going to cheat, go big!

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