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Crossfit Huntsman May Newsletter – The Origin Issue

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The Origin Issue

How it all began

With all the amazing developments in the box and to celebrate such a fantastic year we’re going back to the start…… An interview with Owner & Head Coach Chris Hines, about how Crossfit Huntsman started, our ethos, community and why we do what we do.

Work Hard, Stay Humble… support eachother and above all else have fun.

What first attracted you to CrossFit?
I had already started my journey with GymJones and learned that Mark Twight had previously trained with Greg Glassman at the original box, so this peaked my interest. Then my hero and man crush Miko appeared winning the 2009 CrossFit Games on the ranch in Aromas.  I still remember watching the downloaded video from mainsite in the Manor of Groves Health Club, I instantly recognised that it was a programme that helped develop true all round general physical preparedness for any task presented both in fitness and in the real world, this is what I fell in love with.

How many members did you have when you first opened?
This was a big gamble, in truth only one followed me from the Manor, Mr Paul Heywood, as the distance was a bit too much for others.  From there more joined, some came specifically because they knew of CrossFit, although this was rare, but many others had no idea what they were letting themselves in for.

This then grew the box organically as people told their friends.

Who are your three biggest influencers?
This is tough to narrow down as I try to learn from everybody!

First and foremost would be my dad, as tacky as that sounds but I really do try to live by his character.  Hard working, humble and always looking after others.

Next would be Mark Twight, without him I don’t think Huntsman would be here today.  The biggest attribute I took from Twight was his insatiable thirst for knowledge and improvement to any specific goal, he is also unafraid to adapt and change if the course prescribes it.

Lastly there are many more other fitness professionals that have been a huge influence on me but I would definitely have to say the many faces of the Huntsman crew.

It is hard not to get inspired by seeing so many overcome the challenges they are presented with every day.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice 6 years ago what would it be?
Trust yourself.  One of the biggest mistakes I made was listening and following outside influences when first opening due to not trusting my own knowledge.

But now I fully trust in myself and others around me.

What is your favourite hero workout and why?

Hands down “Murph” is my favourite.  I don’t think there is a single person that doesn’t know that I like to suffer and Murph just takes me to that place.

Another is “Hotshots 19” not only are these workouts hard but each one has an incredible story and I love how passionate the whole crossfit community is about each one.  I would encourage everyone to research the background of every hero workout.

Least favourite movement?
Snatch, as a movement it is the most amazing one in CrossFit as it includes 9 of the 10 general physical skills, for me personally I do not have enough time to focus on improving it to a high enough standard to make it relevant to my own personal training goals.

Pet peeves?
Where do I start haha.  Only joking, fitness oriented it would have to be when people tell me that they have to get fit first before they try CrossFit…simple answer is No, the point is that there is no better programme in the world that is applicable to every level of fitness, all you need to do is walk through the door.

Outside of that it would be people on their phones too much, look up you may miss out on experiences that are in front of you.

Also I find it irritating if your in a long line at a coffee house or food establishment and when the person finally gets to the front then decides to start reading the menu and deciding on their choice rather than in the 30min line haha.  That’s three sorry.

Favourite movement to coach?
Any kettlebell or bodyweight exercise, I love seeing people realise that there are improvements that can be made in even the simplest movements.

What is your goal for the next two years?
To constantly evolve and improve Huntsman to a place that is unrivaled in excellence.  Somewhere that people love, have pride in and a place where people just want to hang out.

Favourite quote?
“Become Uncommon amongst Uncommon people” – David Goggins